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What is the Ticonderoga Project? Well, it started out as a

challenge issued to me by a friend to prove there could be a

great female hero in a story. I'm working on that. What is it

today? My stubborn belief that life begins after you get knocked

down... And then stand up again.

I have to take a second to 'toot' my own horn. *Grin* Okay, so maybe a bad pun isn't the best way to covnince you I'm a decent writer, but... This is a little graphical taste of who I am. This is a Jazz Band I sat with around my junior year of highschool, and pictures of the farm I grew up on, as well as the surrounding area. I hope you'll take a second to have a look - a lot of who I am is right here.

I'm a fan of all sorts of art, and an aspiring writer, and to a much lesser degree, artist. I promise, if you take a minute to have a look at one of my stories, you'll find it better than my art. *Grin*

I'd love to develop links and contacts with other authors that share my ideas with the world!

Please come back and see me, and I'd love to hear ANY comments either here or on my blog. My email address is below, and a link to the blog is above.

*Grin* My name is Eric McMurtrey, and I used to be a farmer. I had an amazing career helping to feed the world, where I met some great people and got to do some amazing (and sometimes scary, and death-defying) things. That part of my life is over, but the memories and experiences help to make me who I am. My stories are by no means all about agriculture, but they're influenced heavily by the things I experienced. But, then again, aren't everyone's?

This is 'The Monster'. She was, by far, the biggest, fastest, most complex machine I ever operated. It's as close as I'll ever get to trying to fly a jet, and it was an incredible experience. It may not seem like it from here, but sitting in the cab trying to run a dark field at 25ish miles per hour watching two different displays and trying not to crash into something before a rainstorm hit was... Something I'll never forget. To quote Lieutenant Commander Data from 'Star Trek' - "It is a complex set of variables to attempt to process."

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