About Last Night New Episode

The silence was earsplitting.

There was nothing. There wasn’t a car on the road, a cow in the pasture or a bird in the sky. The two guys that chased me were sprawled on the ground. Brigg’s pickup looked like it had been driven through Baghdad but there was no activity around it.


I ran for Briggs as hard and fast as I’d run from the two guys that were now bleeding out in the cornfield. I didn’t care about getting caught, going to jail or winding up dead. I didn’t want anyone else to pay the price for what I had done.

I’d seen plenty, but I looked away from what was left of Briggs when I got around his pickup. I’d killed him – I just didn’t pull the trigger.

So… To save one good police officer, I’d killed another.

After Little Georgie Monsino’s death had been ruled accidental, I’d actually started to move past it. I had started to believe it was over.

I was wrong. It was just starting.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed. I told the dispatcher what I’d seen, and I didn’t run.

I would never run again.