Antelope New Episode

It was just after sundown when Cal rode back into the yard. Vlad was gone, and so was his sister – it didn’t take a lot to figure out they’d run off together. They’d both show up sooner or later, once there was nothing he could do to stop them from getting hitched.

Cal led Tiny to the barn and found Ernest brushing Spots out.

“What’re you up to?” He asked his friend.

“Well, after this rain, I thought we’d best get you some wheat growing to pasture. Didn’t seem best to wait. It won’t make, and the cattle’ll have to paw for it, but it’ll feed ’em better than nothing. Might be pretty good, ‘specially if the snow’s light.”

“Where’d you come up with the seed?” Cal asked. “We needed the crop for seed.”

Ernest smiled a little. “You in a position to worry about that?”

“Pry not,” Cal admitted. “I also pay my way.”

“Unless you figure we won’t be friends for a spell, I see you having a chance to crack even. We’ll get by.”

Cal nodded and shook his friend’s hand. “Thank you, Ernest.”

“Find your sister?”

Cal shook his head. “I found out where she is, or, at least, what she’s doing.”

“She a Russian now?”

“I don’t think that’s exactly how it works when she marries one, but, yeah, I ‘spect she’s with Vlad.”

“What you going to do about that?” Ernest asked hesitantly.

“I believe I’ll drink to the new couple. Horace’ll have a jar around here somewhere.”  Cal smiled. “Join me?”

Ernest answered with a broad smile.

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